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A 100% Australian owned company with 40 years experience in the concrete industry. 

The National Training Centre for the manufacture of concrete products.

DIY or Trade. Everyone is welcome.

Just add water....Mix n Make


A solid reputation

We are not just a shop. 

  No Secret management here. We have 4 decades of concrete manufacture. extensive product design and manufacturing history. We personally made thousands of custom bench tops, tables, sinks & baths etc for clients Australia wide.. @ 

What has you trainer made....any thing at all ????   Ask them.....

No Secrets here.... we are #1


GFRC PREMix 20kg     

The Heart and Soul of Concrete Bench tops

GFRC  ULTRA Plus+   High Tensile PREMix.

Mix & pour it in....   NO facecote. NO polishing. Then flip & seal with ICT.

 $33 Grey / $35 White per bag  

 No EXPENSIVE Admix required. its in the bag already.....

Just add water, Plasticiser as required and fibre: 

"Mix and Make".


Tooling & Chemicals

See above the PRODUCT Link.

Orders:    by Phone or Email.   or   0428 474 478



Experience. Experience. Experience.

$800 for the CEMENTO gfrc 1 day course. No money grabbing here.....

         Your instructor is the world renowned artisan: 

  "Chef Concrete"  Jyri  from:  go see my reusme

Learn how to make tables, kitchen bench tops and more..

Breky and Lunch is supplied.

Booking is essential well prior.

Dates available in Training page below.


Training & Accreditation


Cost is : $800 plus gst / pp

Every day / Every month.

by appointment only. Due to a high demand places are limited.

 One day of your time   &   24 / 7 of mine there after....


Gfrc Premix

 Manufacturing: Melbourne

CEMENTO GFRC Pty. Ltd. is a developer of High Performance GFRC Products with our own chemist and manufacturing facility in Melbourne.  
Our ceaseless commitment to excellence and innovation has built our reputation as one of the best in the industry, we guarantee you’ll find exactly what you need.


New Ownership

Louis, Adam and Jose


We want to hear from you!

Interested in our Training - Products and Supplies or simply want to learn more about us?  

E:mail or call

Jess:   Office and Accounts Manager

0428 474 478

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