ICT Prime

CT-Prime Reactive Primer is a siloxane combination technology. This primer provides excellent abrasion and repellent properties to promote and maintain concrete benchtop surfaces sealed with ICT Reactive Sealers. CT-Prime will prolong the use and abuse of concrete benchtop surfaces.

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  • Prolongs wear of surfaces
  • Provides increased stain resistance
  • VOC compliant, Non-Toxic chemistry
  • Keeps staining agents and contaminants from penetrating
  • User friendly, dries in minutes with low odor
  • Easy apply application without high cost tooling
  • Will not alter the profile of a surface
  • Forms a protective micro-emulsion-repellent that is breathable, hard, and will not peel or flake
  • Reduces maintenance and cleaning costs
  • Re-application is simple and requires no stripping
  • Food contact safe, no harsh chemicals used in formula