Release Agent

Cemento Release Agent releases any kind of form or form-liner from hardened concrete. Specifically selected to prevent undesirable marks for a top quality professional finish.

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  • Forms and formliners strip easily and cleanly, also helps eliminate bugholes and stains.
  • It is easy to use and gives reliable results with no dust left on the mould.
  • Is the lowest viscosity release agent available
  • Eliminates bugholes – even with superplasticized concrete.
  • Promotes easy stripping, especially when applied in an ultra thin film Can be used at 50 to 60 M2 / Litre.
  • Promotes easy clean up of forms.
  • Is non-staining.
  • Will not transfer to the concrete surface – adhesion of caulks, paints or coatings is not affected.
  • Does not effloresce
  • Does not “kill” concrete surfaces.
  • Does not wash off in moderate rain
  • It is biodegradable, non poisonous and contains no carcinogens